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Preservation Mirage began as an informal group of midcentury homeowners that met to exchange ideas and information about owning and preserving midcentury architecture in Rancho Mirage, California. As the number of participants increased, so did the group's goals. In late 2017, a board of directors was elected, and the preservation group became a registered nonprofit.

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Preservation Mirage celebrates the architectural history of Rancho Mirage by promoting its protection and appreciation. We do this by:

Advocating for the protection of significant architecture while providing a path for those seeking historic designations. 

Raising awarenessof the city's historic architecture by offering educational opportunities that enhance its appreciation.

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Started his career as an estate-planning attorney before moving into wealth management. He currently is an executive at a large financial institution. His passion for midcentury design began when he first stepped foot in the desert twelve years ago. He lives in the Thunderbird North community.


Member, Board of Directors

Born in Vancouver Canada, she lived in NYC for twenty years working in the photography business before moving to Los Angeles to start her own agency Eye Forward. Her love of architecture and design began growing up in a house her father, an architect, designed. She is a docent at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House, a collector of photography and photography books, and lives in Tamarisk West.


Member, Board of Directors

Trained as an architect, he specializes in managing restorations of historic homes, including the Charney Residence (Wexler & Harrison, 1957) at Tamarisk Country Club and two residences by William F. Cody.


Vice President

An entrepreneur and artist who took his first steps in Rancho Mirage the year after it became a city. His family has been in the desert for over sixty years and as a result, he has an unhealthy obsession with midcentury modern architecture. He and his wife feel very lucky to own a 1959 Mar-Val home that shelters them from Chicago winters.


Member, Board of Directors

A retired Marketing and Creative Director in the fashion retail sector. His passion for mid century style was fully manifested in his restoration of Andrew Geller’s 1961 Rudolph Frank House in Fire Island Pines, New York. Working closely with architect Rodman Paul, the house was thoughtfully restored. Monaghan now lives in Park Vista at Mission Hills Country Club.


Member, Board of Directors

A lawyer and activist with an abiding love of architecture. He is a partner with the law firm of Steptoe & Johnson. He owns the 1960 Tompkins residence designed by Thornton Ladd & John Kelsey in Thunderbird Heights. And he is presently building a home designed by the Spanish firm Esteva i Esteva in Los Angeles.



A senior marketing consultant with a passion for design, architecture, and hospitality. He has lived in Rancho Mirage since 2012 in the Tamarisk / Treasure Palms Estates neighborhood. Nathan has lovingly restored a 1907 Transitional Arts & Crafts Mills Act property in Angeleno Heights, Los Angeles's first HPOZ.



A dedicated preservationist and design and architecture expert. He serves on the board of Sci-Arc Architecture and Design School in Los Angeles and the advisory board of the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture. A Rancho Mirage resident, until recently he owned a Wexler-designed house in Thunderbird Heights.

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Preservation Mirage has established seven committees focused on bringing our mission to life, each chaired by a board member, and staffed by our members who graciously volunteer their time. If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please check the box on your membership profile and email the committee chair. 


CHAIR: Carol LeFlufy VICE CHAIR: Dan Allen

Owns the operating calendar. Handles the planning & execution of events, tours, and Neighborhood Nights.


CHAIR: Craig Traupane

Acting as a liaison to the Rancho Mirage Historical Preservation Commission (HPC), providing updates on pending historic home designations and the execution and continued maintenance of the updated historical resources survey.


CHAIR: Philip Monaghan

Incorporating the founder's research, the committee continues to accumulate and archive relevant social and architectural information in order to write and support historic designations by the City of Rancho Mirage.


CHAIR: Nathan Jacroux

Owns the design & development of the website, social media content, marketing tools, campaigns, and sellable products.


CHAIR: Scott Goldstein

Focused on growing memberships, working to secure targeted high-dollar donations, grants, and sponsorships to achieve our shared goals, and act as a high-touch concierge for our highest-tier “preservationist” members.


CHAIRS: Thomas Watson

Provides oversight of our annual scholarship awarded to Coachella Valley students who demonstrate a passion for historic architecture.


Founder, President Emeritus

Melissa Riche is the founder and past president of Preservation Mirage. She is also the author of ‘Mod Mirage’. Having started an informal group of homeowners and midcentury aficionados in 2016, she guided the transition to nonprofit organization status in 2017. As president for five years, Melissa Riche has overseen the growth, and development of its education and advocacy goals ever since. She continues to be involved in Preservation Mirage as an advisor.


A California native, he previously served on the City of Rancho Mirage Historic Preservation Commission and currently serves on the Speakers’ Series Commission. He has been a member of Preservation Mirage since its inception. Bob is retired from his professional life as Global Director for Procurement for a large research and engineering corporation. He has lived in Rancho Mirage since 2004.

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