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Our mission is to celebrate the architectural history of Rancho Mirage by promoting its protection and appreciation; realtors can now benefit from our resources too. So many of the homes and neighborhoods in Rancho Mirage have unique and historical provenance, whether through a significant architect, developer, or celebrity. This information can be helpful to unlock hidden value in a property as it comes to market. Let Preservation Mirage help you develop a narrative about your listing that may lead to a higher valuation and a faster sale.

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Melissa Riche, Preservation Mirage founder and author of ‘Mod Mirage’ is able to research a property and produce a historical report that can be added to the listing information, used as a sales tool, and even given to a buyer as a closing gift. By becoming a paid member of Preservation Mirage at the Individual or Household levels, realtors will gain access to listing reports for a $250 service fee per listing. Our Preservationist-level members receive one complimentary listing report annually.


The real estate community and Preservation Mirage can support each other in many ways. We offer free ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’ fliers that you can display at open houses with a brief history of the city, let us know if you would like us to deliver some flyers. Realtors can also link to our educational content on our website, or work with us to develop additional informational content.

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We offer many opportunities to promote your brand by sponsoring Preservation Mirage events, Neighborhood Nights, and marketing materials. Our first realtor-sponsored offering is the New Resident’s Guide, mailed to all new residents of Rancho Mirage quarterly and includes the city’s history and historic architecture map. There are many other possibilities for realtors to co-brand with Preservation Mirage, contact us below to explore how we can help grow your brand in Rancho Mirage.


A member of our Community Committee will be in tough with you shortly!

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